…we deliver within budget, timeline and clients satisfaction.

Why Choose Yemtech Construction

Yemtech Construction Limited is a much focused company in the areas of specialization of Architecture, Project Costing & Evaluation, Engineering, Project Management, Construction, Furniture Manufacturing & Interior Designs, Real Estate Consultant. With our years of experience in the Construction Industry we enjoy tremendous patronage due to our commitment to continuously exceed our clients expectation in our service delivery. 

  • Architecture
  • Project Costing & Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Furniture Manufacturing & Interior Designs
  • Real Estate Consultant

Y emtech Construction leverages on the use of modern building technologies to create virtual construction models in a bid to give clients a virtualization of what is to be built. We deliver projects ahead of schedule and within budget.



With blueprints of the future as our watchword, we deliver designs that integrates into human lives.

Project Costing & Evaluation

Only the experts can appropriately evaluate a building project. That’s why we are renowned as the professional at evaluating construction projects.


Project Management

We know the importance of Project Management in the success of any project, so we empowered ourselves with the top -notch PM expertise.


Be it pre-construction or construction itself, we deliver projects as blueprinted for all kinds of projects; from small houses to big buildings.

Furniture Manufacturing & Interior Designs

It’s no surprise that many people seek professional assistance to ensure that they create a timeless look. We are what you need for that desire